Connecticut Lotto commercial ("Lori") 

Golden Boy ("Lorna") - directed by Aaron Latham at GK Arts Center


Twelfth Night ("Countess Olivia") - Bryant Park Shakespeare and The Drilling Company

Lost And... ("Nicole") - original series created by Stephanie Fagan and directed by Chelsea B Lockie

Blame - written and directed by Bita Elahian

Upfront spot for Screenvision Media - from the day's playback

Phantom - written and directed by Nick Lucarelli

Blacksheep ("August") - original play written by Julia Rae Maldonado and directed by Chelsea B. Lockie - Actors Studio Drama School Repertory Season

Women of Manhattan ("Judy") - directed by Michael Blatt with Esther Sophia Artner and Natalie Entenberg - Actors Studio Drama School Repertory Season

Stop Kiss ("Callie") - with Liv Hardin directed by Susan Aston