"And Simmonds [Lorna Moon] does an excellent job balancing the good/bad aspects of the 'other woman'."  Theatre Life

"Helena (Kathleen Simmonds) won my heart, with Simmonds being my favorite star of the evening." On Stage Blog

"I was most taken by the performance of Kathleen Simmonds as Helena, scorned, desperate, wooed, embraced, skeptical, wounded, puzzled, relentless, triumphant, she is acrobatic in her transformations, emotionally and physically, a dazzling display."  The Front Row Center

"[C]onsistently entertaining and at times riotously funny… Well-acted all round, this Midsummer Night’s Dream is a high-spirited romp…"  Theater Pizzazz

"[W]e come here to escape, and escapism is what we get: Curtiss’s actors throw themselves into the merry chaos, leaning into the play’s farcical slapstick… it’s sincere and game for anything…" TimeOut Magazine (Online)

"An updated, fast paced, Lower East Side experience that you MUST see…  Mary Linehan steals your heart and holds her own against Kathleen Simmonds' fiery Helena.  Eddie Shiels and Brad Frost are daring as Lysander and Demetrius.  These four actors light up the stage.  Their physical antics are keenly staged and skillfully executed."  MoreThanThePlay