WATCH Kathleen’s latest Connecticut Lotto commercial: 

Kathleen Simmonds - Reel - 2019

When Harry Met Sally

Upfront Film Parody for Screenvision Media with Maul Media.

DRAMA - A Lobbyist bribes a Senator

A clip from "Misguided Actions".


DRAMA - A battered woman confronts her boyfriend

A clip from "You Listen".

DRAMA - A woman walks out on her alcoholic boyfriend

A clip from “All I Need”.

DRAMA - A lawyer visits her ex-boyfriend in prison

A clip from the award-winning short film "Blame" by Bita Elahian.


COMEDY - Australian accent

Two women try to solve the world's problems in short film "Katerina".



"Golden Boy" for StoPD at GK Arts Center - Kathleen talks about her character Lorna.